Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing, as a profession that is part of my professional life and in which I highlight the following aspects:

Understand the client's objectives and in turn advise the client with opinions that allow them to obtain an outstanding product;

Design and create the photoliths, copy them to the matrix;

Analyze the material to be printed and use the appropriate ink;

Prepare the paints in the shades the customer wants;

Carry out the prints, applying the necessary adjustments so that the printed product has the appropriate quality;

Clean matrices and other equipment;

Check the quality of products after printing.

Screen printing is the printing process recommended for flat visual compositions, obtaining a compact and clear print.

This can be applied to different materials (PVC, Acrylic, Paper, Cardboard, PP, Textile) flat or round, with bright, opaque, fluorescent colors, expandable inks... In this context, I print diverse materials by applying the appropriate ink to the printed material.

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