About Me

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, where I began to take my first professional steps. From an early age, my professional activity focused on the field of Screen Printing, where I specialized over the years in various companies in the sector and in the various professional areas that involve the entire screen printing process.

At the same time, I developed other professional skills, namely in the field of Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Training and Illustration (as a self-taught person).

In this context, I pursued my academic career in the areas of Graphic Design and Graphic Printing, attending the António Arroio Secondary School and the Lusófona University, implementing a new professional path, with new skills and greater scope, whether as a Freelancer or in freelance work. Account of Others.

Later I took a Training of Trainers course, to provide training at IEFP (No. EDF 563935/2011 DL) in the areas of Multimedia and Office.

This project (www.seriografiaecomunicacao.com) was born from the desire to unify my Professional Experiences as well as enhance an entire Independent and Creative Process.

I invite you to visit this Commercial Space and its Professional Networks....